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You may register online on Iatefl (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign language) website, which supports University Ca’ Foscari Department of Studi Linguistici e Culturali Comparati in this event organisation.

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The system will automatically send you a confirmation after your registration. The conference venue will  host a maximum of 220 participants. When you register, you will be asked to select the afternoon workshop you are interested in. As they are parallel workshops, you can choose to attend only one of them. Due to logistics problems, it will not be possible to modify your choice once you have completed your registration. Workshops has a limited number of participants. Please make sure that the abbreviation of the workshop (A3 workshop, B3 workshop, etc.) you choose when you register corresponds to the right workshop you want to attend:

A3 workshop :Aula A

Developing learner autonomy at primary and secondary level – how to get started

L. Dam; coordinator: C. M. Coonan

B3 workshop : Aula B

The autonomous classroom – where does grammar come in?

L. Legenhausen; coordinator: G. Berton

C3 workshop : Aula C

Language learner autonomy: evaluation and assessment

D. Little; coordinator: G. Serragiotto

D3 workshop : Aula Dottorato

Matching in and out of class learning to enhance language learner autonomy

M. Menegale; coordinator: L. Favaro

E3 workshop : Aula Saoneria (Ca’ Dolfin)

Differentiated learning strategy instruction

A. U. Chamot; coordinator: M. C. Jamet

Online registration will be open until 29 August 2011. After then, you may write to to reserve a place if any are still available and then complete your registration locally the day of the conference.

Event fees

Early bird registration fees (until 20th June 2011)

* IATEFL Member – £17.00

* Non IATEFL Member – £21.00

* Student Early bird – £8.50

Registration fees (after 20th June 2011)

* IATEFL Member (Non early bird) – £21.00

* Non-IATEFL Member (Non Early Bird) – £25.00

* Student – £8.50


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